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Our Building Blocks

  • Interlocking Blocks

    They lock front and back, top and bottom so each block is dry stacked and locked into place. When compared to conventional construction, interlocking blocks bypass a great deal of mortar normally used for vertical and horizontal joints.

  • Transportation Cost

    The blocks, ideal for remote rural or highly dense urban areas, can be produced on a small scale on the construction site. Reducing transportation minimizes pollution.

  • Cost-Effective

    Little mortar is needed because there's no mortar in the elevation, 50% less cement is used and 75% of a wall is dry-stacked.

  • Easy To Use

    Dry-stacking soil-cement blocks can be easily taught to inexperienced laborers.

  • Versatility

    All window, door, slab and roofing systems are similar to the conventional ones.

  • Construction Speed

    Quick & speedy construction since 800 blocks laid per day is the equivalent of laying 2,400 standard stock bricks.

  • Local Materials

    The material required for production, such as soil, is widely available locally and is not imported from long distances.

  • Temperature Regulating

    These bricks will give your home the inertia necessary for perfect temperature control. Good external insulation provides thermal regulation, reducing energy costs.

  • Structural Stability

    Grout holes and channel blocks provide means to insert steel reinforcements - instead of infill walls - in vulnerable parts of buildings for increased wind and earthquake resistance.

  • Community Prosperity

    ZOMA’s revenue funds Aumazo, a nonprofit organization whose purpose is Education for girls.

  • Eco-Friendly

    An average wall has a carbon footprint as low as 40kg CO2 per square meter. Having blocks prevents deforestation and little energy is required for production.

Other Advantages

Other client advantages resulting from the use of our blocks include:

  • Resistance, termites cannot damage the blocks
  • Reduced building costs
  • Cost savings from building load-bearing walls
  • Large scale production from centralized production unit
  • Suitable for the construction of multi-story buildings


Project Consultation

If you are considering the undertaking of a construction project, you can schedule a consultation session with us. We can help you determine what building materials best suit your project's requirements, what quantity is necessary, and we can go over other points to consider before the start of a building endeavor. Contact us now to schedule a consultation or to place a brick order.

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  • Did you know that ZOMA blocks regulate indoor temperatures? Yes, they do! Now that is quality material. #CoolSummer #WarmWinter
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  • All of ZOMA's revenue goes to Aumazo, the nonprofit that is providing secondary education for girls in Africa. #ZOMAPride #CameroonSolidarity