About ZOMA Blockyard Business

We produce high quality, cost-effective, environmentally friendly interlocking blocks for building and construction projects within Cameroon. Our soil-cement dry stacked bricks are suitable for most building types. All design and construction principles that apply to traditional building types – such as foundation design, protection against rain and ground moisture, ceiling and roof construction – remain the same. Choose ZOMA for your construction needs.

Our Work

ZOMA Blockyard Business is an Aumazo, Inc. related business and social enterprise that engages in the production and sale of interlocking building blocks, from its location in Newtown Bafang, Cameroon.

Our block making machines hydraulically compress soil containing a small amounts of clay, silt and cement into soil cement blocks. When cured, the blocks can be dry-stacked without mortar.

Our high quality interlocking blocks are cost-effective, dry-stacked, environmentally friendly, and versatile among other benefits. Learn more about the benefits of our bricks offer clients.

Our Potential Clients

ZOMA will help Aumazo, Inc. take advantage of the increased demand for housing in the Western region of Cameroon, and other parts of the country as well. We have already started developing strong relations with the local communities in Bafang, Cameroon. We value client relationships and bank our success on it. Our clients range from individual builders to international organizations. We welcome clients of all sizes:

  • Individual builders
  • Property developers
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Community projects
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business-people
  • Governments
  • Mosques and churches (NGOs)
  • United Nations Aid Agencies

Our History

ZOMA Blockyard Business was founded in January 2013 to address the funding challenges of Aumazo, a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization whose purpose is to empower girls in Cameroon with educational opportunities to attend high school in order to enjoy more successful lives as young adults.

ZOMA’s generated revenue will allow Aumazo to support the operating costs of the girl boarding school, currently under construction in Bankondji, Cameroon. Learn more about Aumazo and its contribution to women's Education.

Our Mission

"Build the Future, Build Life"

Our primary purpose is common good. Through our social enterprise, we are striving to deliver a massive direct and positive impact by changing lives and building successful futures with educational opportunities.

Our Vision

We envision a world where every rural girl will realize her educational potential and learn that her actions make a difference in her own life and matter in her community.

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ZOMA Blockyard Business

Newtown, Bafang, Cameroon
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  • Did you know that ZOMA blocks regulate indoor temperatures? Yes, they do! Now that is quality material. #CoolSummer #WarmWinter
  • In case you need a contractor, we partner with skilled builders who are trained to use our blocks. #CostEffective #ReliableService
  • All of ZOMA's revenue goes to Aumazo, the nonprofit that is providing secondary education for girls in Africa. #ZOMAPride #CameroonSolidarity