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Cameroon Quality Building Blocks

Unlike most building material providers and construction companies, ZOMA’s expertise lies in the production and sale of special interlocking blocks. Our special bricks offer a multitude of advantages for both clients and builders. Our product beats the competition in many ways: cinder blocks usually require mortar, cement, and a lot of man-power. Our mortar-less blocks are engineered to reliably interlock for sturdy, durable, eco-friendly constructions. Other advantages include temperature-regulating material and an attractive aesthetic. Learn more about our building blocks and services.

Things like reliability of foundation over time, energy-saving components, speedy project completion, and ease of use make our building blocks ideal for your construction project in Cameroon. Are you ready to start building professionally? Consult with us for your next building project and order your blocks now!

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Cameroon Construction Materials

Why Choose Our Blocks


Cost Effective

Little mortar is needed because there's no mortar in the elevation, 50% less cement is used and 75% of a wall is dry-stacked.


Easy To Use

Dry-stacking soil-cement blocks can be easily taught to inexperienced laborers.


Local Materials

The material required for production, such as soil, is widely available locally and is not imported from long distances.

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  • Did you know that ZOMA blocks regulate indoor temperatures? Yes, they do! Now that is quality material. #CoolSummer #WarmWinter
  • In case you need a contractor, we partner with skilled builders who are trained to use our blocks. #CostEffective #ReliableService
  • All of ZOMA's revenue goes to Aumazo, the nonprofit that is providing secondary education for girls in Africa. #ZOMAPride #CameroonSolidarity

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